Chip’s Nation Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Chip’s Nation is growing and is committed to helping individuals faced with life-threatening disease or illness and their families experience life in full when they thought there was no hope of that.

The Goal of the Nation is to raise money and awareness to fuel all of the “Micro Nations” that get behind children and their families as they battle through the trials of Pediatric Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
Chip Madren has had a miraculous journey and return to life in full against very long odds. This has been achieved through a variety of groups that have supported him medically, spiritually, and socially.

We are taking that same formula to anyone who may benefit from it. Chip’s Nation has raised over $300,000 in direct funding over the last three years. And has influenced over a million in charitable giving on behalf of similar charitable causes.

It is our hope that through our story we can continue to feed the groups that supported Chip and have more positive outcomes like his. Our goal for this year is $200,000, and we are asking you to become a member of Chip’s Nation and help us to reach our goal.