Chip’s Book of Prayers

Chip’s Book of Prayers

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A collection of letters from Scott Dockter

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A collection of letters from Scott Dockter

I once thought that the term “Broken Heart” was just a phrase used to describe temporary sadness until I had a child diagnosed with brain cancer. In the beginning of our nightmare, we were in crisis management. There was no time for the luxury of self-pity. Decisions had to be made and care had to be given. Only with the love and support of the people around me did we survive. The experience of different prayers coming to us from different traditions has been fascinating. All of these prayers offered countless times in Chip’s name, I believe is why we still have him today. One friend, however, took “candle lighting” to a new level. It became his mission. Scott’s work involves extensive travel. In those travels and on family vacations, he began to seek out churches to light a candle for Chip. New churches, old churches, rich and poor churches, Christian and non-Christian churches, it never mattered, Scott was on a mission to light a candle for Chip. His physical journey was transformed into a faith journey, and his mission helped carry us and mend my broken heart. As you read Scott’s journey, let his mission touch your heart. It is living, breathing proof that the Holy Spirit is alive in this world and looking for hearts in need of mending. Maybe it is your own heart. Maybe you can pray that your prayers mend the heart of someone you know, or even better, the hearts of the parents of 46 children that today will hear the words, “Your child has CANCER.” -Lea Madren

6 reviews for Chip’s Book of Prayers

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Firman Widjaksono

    This book will inspire you!
    This book will lift you up and break your heart at the same time. Chip’s story is heartbreaking but also incredibly inspiring. Most of us will never experience the pain and triumph Chip’s family has but all of us can be the supporting friend like Scott Dockter. His series of prayers, letters and unending support to Chip will open your heart.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt Cozad

    An inspirational and uplifting story.
    An inspirational journey of one persons decision to help, and how that decision re-connected him with prayer and helped a child through the tragedy and triumph over life threatening brain cancer. This book is not written by a professional author or columnist, making it all the more genuine and touching. A quick, easy read that helps remind us all of the importance of caring, community, and friendship. Strongly recommend this book!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Puts you in your place
    Reading this book was so inspiring. I shared it with my family but especially my teenage daughter. So many kids take things for granted. On a daily basis so many of them think things are so bad because their phone is no good or someone hasn’t “texted” them back…. Have your son or daughter read this book and their day may not seem so bad.My daughter was truly inspired.

    What Chip has gone through and the strength he brings within himself and the positive outlook he has truly shows how he plans to overcome these obstacles and enjoy life to the fullest.

    Mr D. has done a wonderful job bringing Chip’s story to so many. What a wonderful approach and really interesting reading on so many levels.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    Inspiring Faith
    “My name is Chip Madren. I am 15 years old . . . My diagnosis is bad. Really bad” so begins this slim, finely illustrated volume of Scott Dockter’s pilgrimage in support of Chip’s valiant battle with brain cancer. Over 40 noteworthy churches from Hawaii to London — and one fishing hole — are visited for prayer and contemplation. Most are photographed and all are profiled in Mr. D’s letters to Chip. This book is heartfelt and inspiring.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa Crosby

    Read this inspiring piece, Chip’s Book of Prayers. with your family. Hug your children tightly! Thank you for sharing this journey.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    What an inspiring gift of prayers for a boy fighting cancer.
    This book is so inspiring to me. In a world filled with news of cancer hitting friends and friends of friends, often times it is so hard to figure out what to do in order to help the family in despair. We bring food, run errands, take care of family, bring flowers etc. But Scott Dockter is a business man who obviously travels often. He found a way to help out even when miles from home. I loved reading Scott’s letters and emails to Chip. They were full of inspiration, encouragement, and humor. I love visiting beautiful churches, therefore seeing the beautiful photographs of the churches that Scott visited all over the globe while he said prayers for Chip was wonderful to me also. I don’t know the Madren or Dockter families personally but have several friends who do. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to meet Chip and Scott someday and hug their necks for inspiring me and others by creating and sharing this book of prayers. Proceeds from the book benefit Chip’s Nation Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

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